How To Protect Landscaping Designs Through The Winter: 5 Things to Tell Your Clients

At ProLine™ we pride ourselves in providing exceptional machines to help you to achieve your clients’ objectives. However, ultimately, as a professional landscaping company, your reputation rides on the beauty and functionality of your landscaping design. It’s important for the home owner or business to know how to maintain their flower beds, lawns and trees [...]

ProLinePotHandler Makes Tree Moving Much Easier

What makes theProLinePotHandler unique from tree tongs or “Jaw” typesand other skidsteer attachments is its ability to grasp small delicate decorative items as well as large bulky containers. The ProLinePotHandler is uniquely designed with four paws lined with an abrasion-resistant, highly durablerubber. For gripping, the rubber paddles are far superior for grasping b&b as well as [...]

Tree Spade Attachment for Skidsteers

“We continue to field test and refine every new idea until we’re satisfied that it does what it’s supposed to do safely, efficiently, reliably, and cost-effectively. Only then do we introduce it as a new product deserving of the ProLine brand.”—Heritage Oak Farm website If your landscape company or nursery is in the market for [...]

Small Tree Spade Attachment for Nurseries and Landscapers

You won’t find small tree spade that can do the work of a standard-size bucket, like the ProLineSHOVEL. Tree farms, nurseries and professional landscapers all can use this compact, efficient and affordable pieces of tree moving equipment. A reliable tree spade attachment for your skidsteer can increase productivity, allowing your employees the flexibility to perform [...]

Use A Tree Grapple For Landscape

Tree grapples like the Tree Boss™, are most often used on tree farms and in growing situations. Typically they’re used for moving a variety of large items like trees with large root balls. These kinds of grapples also are commonly equipped with paddle like arms to wrap around the root ball without damaging the tree [...]

A Superior Tree Fork: ProLineFORQUE

Tree forks are ideal for landscapers and nurseries that frequently transport balled, potted and burlap-covered trees and landscape rock, or any contractor who must move heavy odd-shaped objects. Instead manually lifting and moving these materials, the tree fork attachment efficiently eliminates this task without the need for manual labor. Manufacturers like ProLine™ build hydraulic tree [...]

Tree Transplanting Equipment: A Tree Spade

Tree transplanting is pretty difficult work. It’s not technically difficult, just laborious. It is especially difficult when you’re relocating large trees. The root system is vast and the root ball is heavy. Employing tree digging equipment like a tree spade like the ProLineSHOVEL, makes this process much easier. Tree spades were originally designed for commercial [...]

Top Tree Transplanting Tips

First and foremost when tree transplanting have a plan!  Don’t dig up a tree then decide where you’re going to put it. The longer the roots are exposed the more damage is done to them and the worse the transplant shock will be. Decide on a location for the relocation. Be mindful of the plants [...]

Why Use A Tree Mover Machine?

If you’ve ever been to a tree farm you will have seen these tree movers all over the place. A farm is a little different than your local nursery. The nursery typically carries what most people would consider trees. However, these potted little things are just saplings, new baby trees. They’re fairly easy to transplant, [...]

Don’t Remove A Valuable Tree : Rent A Tree Mover And Relocate The Tree

Ever heard of “corn field condos”? These are homes that are built on either fields that used to be farmed or land that used to be lush with trees that have been removed for easier construction. These neighborhoods dot the Midwest along every highway. During the housing boom it seemed as though every house was [...]